Specializing In Structural Solutions from a Simple Victorian Bungalow to the Molly Brown House

We have been restoring historic homes and buildings to their original beauty for Over Three decades in the Rocky Mountain region.

We were chosen to restore such historic projects as…

  • The Molly Brown House — 1340 Pennsylvania
  • Four Mile Historic House — 715 S. Forest
  • The Navarre (Museum of Western Art) — 1727 Tremont
  • Shrine of St. Anne’s Old Town Arvada — 7555 Grant Place
  • Callahan House — 312 Terry Street Longmont, CO

In addition to our national historic portfolio, 85% of our work remains older homes.

We Have Been Nationally Recognized For Brick Restoration

Cornerstone Restoration was Featured in the national magazine Old House Journal in the article “Saving Structural Brickwork” (Oct. 2007). “John Voelker, a mason who has specialized in preservation of historic masonry for [30] years and helps teach the historic preservation certification class at Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute, is another advocate.”


Featured in the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institutes seminar “Historic Masonry Preservation” An instructor of RMMI’s “Historic Preservation” certification class.

About our Founder

“Since we are all just passing through… let’s leave these structures in better condition than we found them.
After receiving a BA in philosophy (O.U. 1981), I took to heart Socrates’ advice ‘know a skilled trade.’
An apprenticeship at the Restoration Masonry Co. led me to the realization I’d found my calling. Knowing a niche existed for skilled restoration masons willing to do the job right, I created Cornerstone Restoration. Thankfully many mentors, suppliers, engineers, and old timers helped me along my way. I was lucky enough to have visited with some 80-year-old-plus masons who actually helped build some of Denver’s historic homes. Their recollection of pre-Universal Building Code (UBC) technology was invaluable. Committed to clear communication, logical problem solving, and a desire to do it right, I want to share my knowledge with you.”

John Voelker Cornerstone Restoration Denver Colorado

We believe in supporting our community

Cornerstone Restoration supports the following non-profits, through the gifting of historic masonry restoration and maintenance.

The Network Coffeehouse — 1402 Pearl

The Washington Street Community Center — 809 S Washington St.

DenUM (Low-income outreach) — 1717 East Colfax

John has volunteered 16 years as a ski instructor at the National Center for Disabled Sports in Winter Park.

John currently assists disabled participants at the “Splore” whitewater rafting program in Moab, Utah.

John recently volunteered at a surf camp for the disabled, the Ocean Healing Group, in Costa Rica.