Restoring Denver’s Masonry Since 1982

Looking for a contractor you can trust with the credentials to prove it?

For more than three decades, Cornerstone Restoration has developed a reputation as the top-notch masonry repair experts in the Denver area.

Cornerstone’s founder John Voelker served as the historical staff expert at the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute. John continues to facilitate RMMI’s “Historic Masonry Certification Class”, as well as lecturing and practical demonstrations for Colorado Preservation Inc. and the UCD School of Architecture.

Cornerstone Restoration is widely recognized for attention to detail, top notch quality and strong communication skills before and during the restoration process.

Unqualified contractors jeopardize property and create costly mortar removals through lack of care, knowledge, experience and poor execution during the repair process.

Masonry repair is not like new construction or ‘renovation’, as the existing structure must be respected and understood as a unique state-of-being. Each project is approached with expert craftsmanship to create a beautiful, lasting restoration. We love what we do!

Our Denver Masonry Repair Services


  • Structural Masonry Repair & Restoration
  • Color-Matched Tuck-Pointing
  • Brick and Stone Stabilization
  • Veneer Separation/Delamination Solutions
  • Helifix Dry-Fix System™
  • Lithomex Stone Restoration™
  • Helibar Crack Stitching™
  • Foundation Underpinning, Restoration & Repair
  • Original Brick & Stone Replacement
  • Precise Mortar Color & Texture Matching
  • Victorian Chimney Restoration
  • Forensic Masonry Consulting

Cornerstone Restoration is the TRUE Expert in Historic Denver Masonry

Locally founded, we have been improving historic brick buildings in Denver for 35 years!

Among our thousands of projects, some of our most notable buildings include the Molly Brown House, the Shrine of St. Anne’s, Gargoyle House, and the Navarre.

Not only do we have the time put in to earn expert status, but we have the credentials to prove it:

    • Cornerstone’s owner, John Voelker, serves as the historical staff expert at the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute, providing technical guidance throughout our region.
    • Historic Denver credits John as the expert in historic denver masonry.
    • John lectures and leads practical demonstrations at the UCD School of Architecture and for Colorado Preservation Inc.   
  • We are recommended, endorsed, and featured in the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute’s “Historic Preservation of Masonry” seminar series.

Foundation Repair and Restoration

Brick and stone foundation repair in Denver is a service crucially important to the longevity of historic buildings.

These foundations tend to shift and settle 30-50 years after being built. As many of the historic buildings in Denver are closer to 100 years old, settlement cracks often appear.

Without maintaining these foundations properly, many problems may occur:

      1. Mortar erosion


      1. Loose brick and stone


      1. Water infiltration


    1. Bulging walls (delamination)

With brick and stone foundation repairs and restorations, you need a mason you can trust to not take any shortcuts in fixing not only the symptoms, but solve the problem.

The last thing you want is a weak or crumbling foundation, so call Cornerstone Restoration today to get this problem solved before it gets worse.

Tuckpointing, Pointing Brick, Repointing, and Mortar Matching

With the beautiful four seasons we have in Colorado, Denver mortar repair services are one of the most common reasons to seek out a Denver masonry contractor.

Denver’s unique climate, experiencing, on average, 141 days of freeze-thaw cycles combined with high elevation (UV exposure) wreaks havoc on older masonry.

Masonry services are needed when the mortar between the bricks begins to fall apart. The mortar may be cracked or completely eroded away.

Sloppy examples of tuck-pointing and mortar repair exist all across Denver, but with over three decades of experience, we will not disappoint you.

Tuckpointing is a process where mortar is replaced between the bricks. Correct preparation and proper formulations are essential to success. Cured color, density, texture, porosity and depth must all be considered. Harder is Not better! This is a common mistake that will eventually fail or need to be removed.

The terms “Tuckpointing” and “Repointing” can be used interchangeably. A tuckpoint originally

referred to beaded mortar joint unusual to Denver architecture, yet we have the tools to replicate it.

Repointing masonry in Denver involves carefully removing the deteriorating mortar while preserving the original brick, a task worthy of the pros!

Knowledge of correct mortar repair combined with matching mortar appearance and composition are essential for a lasting masonry restoration. We color-match and texture-match the mortar to be sure your building looks just as it was intended to when it was first built.

Cornerstone Restoration has the tools and experience required to repoint brick and stone flawlessly.

Stone And Brick Repair, Restoration, and Stabilization

As historic brick and stone buildings age, the need for quality masonry repair and stabilization is a given.

One of the most common problems facing these buildings today is matching brick and stone work.

Often times, poor workmanship from years ago has rendered a once pristine work-of-art to a patchwork of mismatched mortar and bricks.

Not every mason is able to fix this:

Camouflaging of irreversible improper repair is not a straightforward process, but luckily Cornerstone Restoration has developed a proprietary technique of color matched staining that can restore your brick and mortar to what it was meant to look like.

If your historic building is in the need of a facelift, there is no Denver mason better equipped than Cornerstone Restoration.

Denver, Colorado’s Expert in Historic Masonry, Brick Repair and Restoration

You’re the owner of a historic brick building in need of some detailed restoration, and you need to find the best mason in Denver.

Can you just go to any brick repair contractor that you find in a quick Google search?

The answer is a simple and resounding “no.”

Whether you are searching for brick repair and restoration, tuckpointing, foundation repair, or other masonry restoration, it is crucial to get the work done right, the first time.

Mistakes and poor workmanship are extremely costly to fix, and sadly, often impossible to reverse.

Can I share a truth about our internet economy?

Anyone can claim experience and expertise, but few can prove it.

Many “experts” are not what they claim. They are new to the trade and don’t have the knowledge or credentials, nor are they honest enough to tell you this upfront.

A true mason is an artisan, a master at their trade. And these artisans, they have decades of experience, buildings displaying their work proudly, and endorsements that they can point you to.

What We – The Denver Brick Repair Experts – Can Do For You

Our older Denver brick homes and buildings were constructed to last for centuries with proper restoration, maintenance and management.

These beautiful buildings require brick repair artisans, not just any masonry contractor, to last for generations to come.

Maybe your building is settling, the bricks are crumbling, or you would love to give your home the facelift that it deserves.

Cornerstone Restoration doesn’t just fix the symptoms:

We assess the whole situation to be sure that we provide a comprehensive solution so you do not have the same problems resurface.

So who is Cornerstone Restoration?

We are the guys the other guys come to when they don’t know how to do something or need help on a complicated technique.

Our employees are knowledgeable masonry specialists, never subcontractors, so your job is done right the first time.

We guarantee:

    • Attention to detail, from start to finish
    • Clear communication with you throughout the restoration process
  • Only the best materials and state of the art technology

So if you want the highest quality masonry work done with integrity, we are the masons for you! 

So What Are You Waiting For?

Call Cornerstone Restoration today!

With 35-year proven track record of customer satisfaction and impeccable workmanship, we are the expert craftsman when it comes to Denver masonry repair and restoration.

We will never take any shortcuts in providing you, and your home, with the best work possible.

“Price is what you pay…Value is what you get” -Warren Buffet